A smart and intuitive system developed especially to support doctors for performing minimally invasive surgery.

All components of Intelitive® line equipment were developed through cutting-edge processes, thus the equipment outperform any other equipment available in the world market.

The Intelitive® line carries in its DNA the interaction of technology with the external environment. Its sophisticated digital systems control each equipment independently line, providing data for the communication system. From the internet, Intelitive® line communication system connecting the equipment with the world.

The Intelitive® line Astus Medical® change the way you work.

After years of research and development, we created the line Intelitive® Astus Medical®. Comprising more intelligent equipment, with high technology and superior design, meeting the daily needs of the operating room.

Observed for years the routine of operating rooms and so it was possible to improve the technology and refine the design, integrating equipment and doctors.

Anxious to ensure the reliability and accuracy of the equipment in the operating room, exhaustive tests were performed.

The major advantage of Intelitive® line is how the equipment is part of the environment and the ease with which they are operated. The equipment can be interconnected and may also work in an integrated manner through a mobile device. Like most modern devices, the entire line responds to voice commands, giving the user more flexibility.


The sophisticated chassis of Intelitive® Astus Medical ® line is the result of intensive studies in engineering materials and forms modification techniques. The front panel, composed of a single block of machined and anodized aluminum, features a combination of soft curves and elegant contours. Its piano black finish provides a functional design, which combined with superior performance, makes the equipment a marriage icon between aesthetics and functionality.

All these precautions are aligned to the need to create a robust equipment and proof interference when exposed to severe noise.

All graphic interaction with the user of the equipment is made by a colorful LED panel and high definition. The graphic design was developed by experts in interfacehomem rod, whose routine involves developing the latest applications for tablets and smartphones.

“We developed a thinking technology to create robust equipment, beautiful and easy to handle, so that on the first contact, the user is able to operate it, crossing all barriers generated by common insecurity caused when faced with the latest technology equipment.” HIKARU TAKEUTI BRIANTI TECHNICAL DIRECTOR ASTUS MEDICAL.

  • 45 liters.
  • Gas heated internally.
  • Digital system intilitive connection.
  • LED display touch screen.
  • Connection system intelligent CO².
  • Security alarms.
  • Enclosure with modern design.
  • 3 CMOS HD 1080 P.
  • 3 pre programmable users.
  • Digital system intelitive connection.
  • Digital commands on the CCD capable of controlling the MDR recorder.
  • Outputs: HDMI, SDI, Y / C, component, composite.
  • LED display touch screen.
  • Enclosure with modern design.
  • 300 watt xenon.
  • Anti-misalignment optical system.
  • Control lamp thermal management.
  • Digital system intelitive connection.
  • Security alarm.
  • LED display touch screen.
  • Enclosure with modern design.